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We are a dedicated tertiary care Super speciality hospital for “Neurology, Neurosurgery and Mental health”.

Neuro foundation, as a frontline super speciality Neuro hospital understands the special attention, clinical care , medical technology and therapeutics essential for the rapid and adequate recovery after any neurological illness

To be a centre of excellence in Neurosciences , integrating knowledge, skills and technology delivered with professionalism, compassion and medical ethics.

Access to state of the art comprehensive and advanced treatment methods in Neurology, Neurosurgery and Mental health to every needy person with Neurological illness, round the clock.

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Since 2011
Professional culture at Neuro foundation

The team of Neurologists, Neuro Surgeons, Neuro Critical Care specialists, Mental health professionals and Nursing specialists in Neurology collaborate seamlessly like a single entity at Neuro Foundation, which makes it unique. We intend to provide cutting-edge medical technology and treatment options to everyone and strive hard towards this objective.

Neuro Services
at Neuro foundation

Our state-of-the-art casualty & emergency services along with dedicated Neuro critical care units, inpatient facilities, outpatient departments, and Neuro diagnostic services, provide sophisticated multi-disciplinary therapeutic care in every specialty and sub-specialty of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Mental health round the clock.

Clinical Programs

We provide
Head to Toe comprehensive Neuro Care

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100 Bed Super Speciality Hospital

Neuro Foundation is a 100 bedded Super speciality hospital located at 3 Roads junction of Salem city, Tamilnadu, India. It can be easily approached by road and just 1km from railway station.

The Hospital offers 35 beds in Neuro ICUs with ventilators, invasive and non-invasive monitors, technology to closely monitor the intracranial pressure and cerebral blood flow on Real time basis for the critically ill patients .

Hospital is constructed based on Modern hospital architectural design incorporating safety features like fire management system , latest electrical and electronic systems. Air purity of nursing units and critical areas like ICU, operation theatres are maintained with Medical grade Hepa filters to enhance patient safety from infections.

  • Acute stroke unit

    Our comprehensive acute stroke unit is a unique facility where acute strokes can be intervened immediately to reverse the stroke and prevent the progression of neurological deficits.

  • Neuro Operation Theatres

    Two ultra modern Operating rooms are completely equipped with Leica Operating microscope, Karl Storz Neuro endoscopes, stereotaxy, Neuro navigation system, intraoperative ultrasound scans, , Fluoroscopy, electrophysiological monitoring, and advanced anaesthesia machines for safe anaesthesia. Post operative observation units are attached to the operation theatre complex.

  • Neuro Radiology and imaging

    Hospital has complete neuro diagnostics like Seimens 1.5Tesla MRI scan, CT scan, GE Cath lab for Neuro angiographic studies and Interventional Neuro radiology procedures.

  • Clinical Laboratory:

    The integrated clinical lab services comprises of a sophisticated neurochemistry lab capable of conducting all biochemical analysis including hormones and drug level estimations, Neuro Pathology services for haematology and biopsy studies and Neuro Microbiology services for infection control and management.

Accident and Emergency Care

A 24/7 multidisciplinary team in always in place in order to give each patient the best quality of care possible.

Imaging Services

Our clinical services includes imaging brain, spine and peripheral nerves and muscles using X rays, ultrasound , CT ,MRI.


The procedure is useful in the accurate diagnosis of epilepsy, differentiating epilepsy from other movement disorders, type of epilepsy & most importantly in selecting the most appropriate drug to control the seizures.


Urodynamic testing or urodynamics is a study that assesses how the bladder and urethra are performing their job of storing and releasing urine.


Neuro Foundation's Pharmacy programs and services complement our prescription dispensing and counseling to help you manage your family's medication and health care needs.

24 hour Ambulance

Neuro Foundation also has the reputation of being one of the fastest responding hospitals in an emergency in and around Salem.


"Dr. R. Natarajan, M.Ch.,(Neuro) (Nimhans)
He specialises in Brain Spine and Endoscopic Surgery."

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Dr. R. Natarajan

Brain Spine and Endoscopic Surgeon

"Dr. Bhaskar specialises in blandit vel vitae, magna estasen."

View Profile

Dr. Bhaskar

Head Department of Psychiatry

"Dr L Feroz Ahmed M.S, M.Ch specialises in head and spinal surgeries."

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Dr L Feroz Ahmed


"Dr.G.Sekar, MD Senior Consultant"

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Dr.G.Sekar, MD

Senior Consultant
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Medical Services That You Can Trust
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Neuro Care for all

Neuro Foundation aims to offer superior medical service in Neuroscience to all without bias.

Our Commitment to NeuroSeciences

Our motive was to bring entire spectrum of Neuro Care together under one roof so that the patient benefits by the knowledge, technology and passionate care, that we provide.
Neuro Foundation has CT scan, MRI Scan, Cath lab, Sleep lab, Rehabilitation Labs, Neuropsychology Units and Multiple Surgical OT.
You could either book an appointment on our website or download our Neuro Connect App from Android Play Store to book an appointment and manage your health records.
We have a range of insurance and cashless facilities covering most government and private schemes.

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More than 1000 surgeries every year. Read detailed cases and outcomes.

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Patient Testimonials

My Father Mr.Chinnasamy was unconsicous and under the local doctors advice we took him to Neuro Foundation. As soon we reached, the doctor and others took much care and he was scanned to identify the problem, with the scanning report, he was kept in ICU for treatment. Thrombolysis was done immediately. After few hours his health condition improved slowly, after about 2 -3 hours duration, he became conscious. We were very happy to see him and we all felt that we got him again. After 2 days in ICU he was shifted to room. He was given very good treatment. The doctor, staff nurse and others shared their work with smile. Now we are leaving this hospital with full satisfaction.

Chinnasamy Salem

My mother was admitted in serious condition in your hospital on 27.04.2015. She was affected by Stroke. Immediately the doctors administered “Thrombolysis” at right time to my mother. So that my mother recovered from the stroke and came back to normal health condition within 24 hours. Now she is fine. We are very happy and thankful to your hospital especially Dr.Puneeth, C.S., Dr.C.Bhaskar and Dr.R.Natarajan. We appreciate your staff members for rendering their services at right manner and satisfactory. We hope that you are proving Neuro Foundation is first and best hospital in Salem and playing vital role in health services.

Rosammal Salem

Dr.S.Puneeth is an asset to the Hospital. The way he interacts with the patient, his approach, his kindness, compassion, humanity and above all precise prognosis and diagnosis, proper prescription of medicines all are very excellent.

Pappu West Bengal

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